Marvelous - Stellenbosch, SO. AFRICA

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    Chenin Blanc 45%
    Chardonnay 15%
    Muscat De Frontignan 14%

    Semillon 14%
    Clairette Blanche 12%


    Syrah 39%
    Cinsaut 35%
    Grenache 15%
    Mourvédre 6%
    Viognier 5%


    Cabernet Sauvignon 42%
    Cabernet Franc 30%
    Merlot 15%
    Malbec 13%

Wine can be fun. Wine should be fun. Wine is fun. 

Marvelous Wines are the product of Charles Banks and Adam Mason’s shared creative vision. The Marvelous range consists of three blends from exceptionally high quality vineyards in the Western Cape. Each site is chosen either for its high altitude, rocky soil, antique vines, or the special story it has to tell.

Charles Banks and Adam Mason Founder Charles Banks and Winemaker Adam Mason make a marvelous team

The highly designed label draws inspiration from the printer’s craft using wood cut lettering and careful typesetting to convey a clean, modern image. The wines themselves are extremely hand crafted, relying on an intimate understanding of each vineyard site in order to give each batch of fruit the best chance of expressing itself fully in our blends. This contradiction between presentation and style is intentional, as we feel that adventurous souls with their own strong sense of style and natural curiosity will find their reward in these unique wines.

Marvelous Red is a Syrah/Cinsaut lead blend with the addition of Grenache Noir, Mourvedre and Viognier. These varieties are all highly aromatic and tend to grow well on rocky, often warm sites. Personally we feel that Cinsaut is an important component of the South African Wine story and because it historically worked so well in blends, we have decided to revisit our heritage in order to keep the story alive.


Marvelous Blue contains the classic Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot. This is a modern take on a traditional style of wine. We draw on tradition, yet we are not afraid to innovate.


Marvelous Yellow pays homage to the heritage white grape varieties of South Africa. It’s core comprises old vine Chenin blanc, a variety which has featured prominently in South African wine lore since the 18th century. The unique blend has the added dimensions of Muscat de Frontignan, Clairette Blanche and old vine Semillon.


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