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Known as the "Icon of Barossa", Château Tanunda’s origins go back to the 1860s and the decimation of Europe’s vineyards by the phylloxera plague. Sensing opportunity in Europe’s pain, the three founders of Château Tanunda built a Bavarian-style Château dedicated to the production of fine quality wines.

For a while this grand vision would become the largest winemaking facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dan goettel and John Geber Chateau Tanunda's John Geber and Dan Goettel work "hands on" with grapes.

Today, Château Tanunda is known for producing superb handcrafted wines that are sourced from the finest quality Barossa fruit. Each parcel brought into the winery is individually graded twice before blending.


Their wines are handcrafted by combining traditional methods and modern technology. Château Tanunda's limited release wines are hand-picked, destemmed (but not crushed), basket pressed and are neither fined nor filtered. They believe in minimal intervention to allow the true character of the grapes to express themselves. The combination of traditional methods combined with the latest technology creates a unique character in the wines.


"Barrel aging and master blending is our skill and art form. The vineyards are our soul; the basket press winery is our heart; the wines are our passion; everything is finely tuned to produce delicious, distinctive and elegant wines".


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About Barossa

The Barossa Valley has a legendary reputation for its wine, and in particular for its generous, intensely flavored Shiraz. But there is so much more. This not only includes other grape varieties, but also a host of artisan specialities such as cheese, bread, cured meats, pickles and jams that have been proudly preserved from their European heritage.


A growing band of small and artisan winemakers mix easily with the larger producers, the common goal of the strong community being the pursuit of excellence.


Located in South Australia, approximately 70 kilometers northeast of Adelaide, the Barossa Valley enjoys a vital culture of generational winemaking, pioneering European influence, gastronomic excellence and strong community spirit. It is a dynamic place, full of confidence about its future, its history and culture proudly displayed wherever you look.


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